The Being Zone by Marla Williams

The Being Zone is a guidebook comprising of tested systems that help you break free from obstacles that hinder your growth. Whatever the factor might be that’s holding you back, the author – Marla Williams, explains how one can overcome these blocks in order to attain a balance between the body, mind and soul.

What it’s like living with Anxiety

Anxiety swallows you whole, makes your existence seem worthless and your future, almost unwanted. It creates a dark place in your mind that you punish yourself into again and again. It’s like running a marathon, but in your mind, that has no end.

A heart that loves too much

There’s so much chaos that goes on in our hearts. And it’s only because we love with that intensity. Have you ever heard the saying ‘Heavy is the head that wears the crown’? Well, heavier the heart that bears a love.

I’m as You, as You are Me

For a very long time, I’ve had innumerable scenarios of what I could be or what form of someone else would make me better. I’ve thought and over thought the same thing for a time I’ve lost track of. Though I was confident and content in myself, there would always be that minute thing I…

Fallen Self

// rain patters on my window pane beginning slowly harshly then almost demanding me  to break open the window and allow them in which i do you see, i’m weak that way always giving in easily even when i know i shouldn’t and so these rain drops curse my skin with its harsh blows laughing…

There’s so much yet to be written.

Mazel J

7 thoughts

  1. Hey mazel your works great saw on scrawled page
    Even I made a page a week back hope you like my content too if you feel like going through my user ID is @ya_sometimes


  2. Hey Mazel… You are awesome❤️!!! I love the way you write, the way you express on those words, it’s truly fascinating ❤️keep writing!!


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